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Renewable Energy Systems Installation

Seeking more convenient energy without smelly, noisy generators while contributing to preserving our planet? On land and at sea, renewable energy comes in all shapes and sizes. Solar is the most prevalent and common and is rapidly becoming the go-to source for powering our modern electronics and creature comforts while aboard.


Marine Solar Energy Systems

The Maz Ocean team is very experienced at installing large solar arrays and seamlessly integrating different sizes and types of solar panels to effectively meet sustained power needs for liveaboards, cruisers, and day-trippers.

We work with several different manufacturers and types of solar panels. We have installed a wide range of panels and without getting into the details of panels features, the panel that is selected for an installation is more often determined by the location and the available space. For example, if we are installing a solar arch at the back of a boat we would select an appropriate hard panel. If the available space is curved and in an area that may see traffic we would select a flexible “walk on” panel. If the solar panels are for the purposes of charging a 48V bank we would select a panel or rather panels with an appropriate output voltage.

Renewable Energy Projects

Solar Panel Gallery

Examples of our installations.


Typically solar provides the greatest power output per dollar invested, but there are other sources of renewable energy. If you are an enthusiastic sailor and are frequently in motion, you may find a hydrogenerator such as the Watt and Sea will provide an efficient power source from the boat propelling through the water.

Our friends at Catamaran Guru added hydrogeneration to their power plan aboard their Bali 5.4 and made a trans-Atlantic crossing. Here’s their take on the technology.

Wind Generation Aboard Your Boat

If you find yourself on anchor with an ample supply of wind, a wind generator can prove to be a valuable source of energy. Technology for wind generators has significantly improved over the years and now are quieter and much more efficient.

Combining these technologies of solar, hydro, and wind power generation make a lot of sense for liveaboards or those traversing oceans. Talk with our team to discover the right combination of renewable energy technologies for your boat and your lifestyle aboard.