clean exhaust for diesel engine and generator exhaust treatment

The patented Clean-Exhaust system is the green solution to marine diesel pollution.

Clean-Exhaust System

Clean-Exhaust is a unique patented purpose-built system for marine diesel generators and engines. Installing the exhaust scrubbing system solves the problems with gas/water separator mufflers that are experiencing soot and particulate residue on boats’ hulls and in the surrounding waters.

Clean-Exhaust injects ecoBrew into the engine or generator’s raw water cooling system before the spray ring once the parts are installed (picture of typical parts at right). This EPA and MARPOL Annex III and V approved emulsifier bio-degrades soot, particulates, and unburned fuel. The remaining gas exhaust that is expelled into the air contains little or no particulate.

Clean-Exhaust is the green solution to marine diesel pollution. The result is:

  • cleaner air,

  • cleaner oceans,

  • and cleaner boat hulls.

typical parts installed for clean-exhaust diesel exhaust treatment system

Get more information about this amazing green system at the Clean-Exhaust website.