maz ocean technicians are nmea certified and trained
  • Promote the technical marine electronics dealer through education, communication, training and certification

  • Strengthen the industry’s reputation in the marketplace through industry standards and recognition of excellence

  • Promote good business management and fair business practices among its members

  • Encourage the industry to hire highly skilled and qualified technical service personnel

  • Educate the boating public through publications and seminars to promote the safe and proper use of marine electronic equipment

maz ocean technicians are abyc certified and trained

Maz Ocean is a registered member of the American Boat & Yacht Council (ABYC). Maz technicians follow ABYC standards that are established to improve boating safety to reduce the number of injuries and fatalities. Maz Ocean utilizes all the ABYC resources to enhance the team’s skills and knowledge. All Maz Ocean staff are encouraged to complete ABYC courses and earn certifications.

maz ocean supports catamaran gurus yacht buyers with needed boat repairs and improvements

Maz Ocean is a friend to the Catamaran Guru crew providing articles and technical advice for their informative website. If you are considering buying a sailing catamaran for personal enjoyment, for a charter business, or both, we highly recommend these people. Their extensive knowledge and above-and-beyond attitude provide an easier yacht buying experience and a boat and charter ownership program that fits your dreams.