Our Mission

To provide top quality, leading edge technical marine solutions for each boat that meets the needs of the owner.

How do we do this? By continuous and ongoing employee education with industry recognized organizations and manufacturers.

Equipping our team with the necessary tools and resources enables them to consistently deliver first-rate installations by designing and customizing each project to suit the boat, its systems, and its owners’ requests.

Our desire is to be second to none.

Maz Ocean team with some of our yacht services vans

Our Story

In 1998, after completing a business degree at the University of Pretoria in South Africa, Craig moved to Atlanta to pursue an opportunity in the restaurant industry. A couple years later he decided the restaurant industry was not his calling and made the move to South Florida. With Fort Lauderdale having yachting at its core, Craig began working on large yacht refits.

During a particular year-long refit with a very technically capable captain, Craig learned a lot about marine systems and yachting in general. Shortly after the refit completion, Craig founded his first Fort Lauderdale business providing management services for yachts. It was during this time that Craig met his wife, Hannah, and with the birth of their first son, they decided he should accept a management role with a leading yacht brokerage firm’s service department..

In 2010, Craig’s entrepreneurial spirit began tugging again, inspiring Craig to start his own business to offer superior customer service and innovative marine systems solutions. His brother, Jonathan, who also has a business degree from the University of Pretoria, joined Maz Ocean in 2011.

Since then our team has steadily grown to include 23 team members, each providing valuable skills and expertise in their respective roles, 2 marine shop locations, and a fully-equipped fleet of yacht service vehicles to take our expertise wherever your boat is.

We strongly believe that if it is worth doing, then it is worth doing right. Everyday we strive to be the best at what we do.

Our Leadership

Our Team

Our team of customer support and marine technicians deliver the best solutions with great care.

Our Mission

Our Marine Electronics Ft Lauderdale team strives to:


Thrill boat owners with custom integrated marine electronics and electrical systems installed by certified technicians.

Core Goals

  • Be a team that is passionate about marine electronics and boats, in general.

  • Provide innovative, integrated solutions to improve boat safety and functionality.

  • Maintain marine electronics certifications through continuous education.

  • Provide our clients with top notch service.

  • Partner with each boat owner to achieve the vessel they want when they want it.

Our Qualifications

  • ABYC Marine Systems Certifications

  • ABYC Composite Certifications

  • Garmin Certified Installers

  • Raymarine Certified Technicians

  • GOST Technicians

  • NMEA 2000 Network Certifications

  • Advanced Marine Electrical Installers

  • Basic Marine Electrical Installers

  • Maretron Recommended Installers

  • B&G, SIMRAD, Lowrance Technicians

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We enjoy talking with yacht owners about their boats and their boating experiences. Together we can design custom, integrated solutions that create the boat of your dreams.

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